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Feather WS-D2S Safety Razor in Stainless Steel And Wood

The WS-D2S is the finest razor Feather make. It is a close, yet mild, irritation free, shaver, and is suitable for all beard types and all skin types. This is perhaps the ultimate safety razor.

he WS-D2S Razor:
Weight: 70g
Handle diameter 11mm
Handle length: 104mm

The steel and wood handle is contoured to deliver the most effective grip.

The face has 'FEATHER wood handle stainless steel double edge razor' etch washed into the face.

Internally the top plate has raised corners that the blade sits in, the demanding tolerances Feather use ensures the blade sits exactly bang on centre to give an even blade exposure on either side of the cutting head.

The Razor Stand:
The Stand for the Feather WS-D2S Safety Razor is minimalist, elegant and very functional. It also has a wooden insert which compliments the razor perfectly.

The Feather is a mild shaver, it is suitable for all beard types and skin types.

Mild does not mean this razor is too mild for men with tough beards, the Feather WS-D2S will make short work of all beard types.

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